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Jan 30, 2022 - Noon PST

What you’ll learn:

As we carefully move back into performance spaces, it is important to add the new and necessary role of the Intimacy Captain (ICap). Much like a Dance Captain monitors the dance choreography of a show, or a Fight Captain reviews the fight choreography before performances, we must include an experienced individual who can review the intimacy included in a production to ensure the work of the hired professional Intimacy Choreographer remains intact for the duration of the production. It just makes sense.

This 3-hour class offers a certificate of completion to being an Intimacy Captain. There is an exam at the end in order to earn the certificate, but it in no way qualifies the certificate earner to choreograph intimacy on any set or rehearsal room at any time. It takes several months of study (up to and extending over a year) of training in order to be a qualified Intimacy Director (ID) or Intimacy Choreographer (IC) through Intimacy Coordinators of Color.

So what does an ICap do?

An Intimacy Captain records the choreography of the hired IC and may be called upon to run the intimacy call for precision before each performance. The ICap needs to understand:

  • Boundary check-ins
  • The notation of the choreography
  • Unpacking the signs of the "showmance" and how it affects choreography
  • How to communicate with the Stage Management team
  • How to create an Intimacy Captain's "log"
  • Bystander intervention on set and in rehearsal
  • How to recognize initial signs of trauma (flight, fight, fawn or freeze)

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